My experience at Tru Pilates was honestly one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. I was slow to each pose at first but Trusha was patient and supportive, so I felt really comfortable. She answered all of my questions (I asked a lot!) in ways that made sense, and I really appreciated that. I was sore for 2-3 days after my first class, but it was the best kind of sore. I actually felt the benefits of the work I put in, and can’t wait to go back to see how my flexibility and strength improves! Highly recommended. Trusha is the best.

-Niki N

I had always thought that I could not possibly be able to do Pilates. With Trusha’s easy going and friendly demeanor I discovered that Pilates is both fun and rewarding. Trusha is a gifted instructor who lives what she teaches. She is well educated in holistic health and well being. I have learned a lot from her about balancing not only my body, but my lifestyle too. I feel vey lucky to have met Trusha, she has had a very positive effect on my life. I highly recommend Tru Pilates.
-Kundini F

I cannot rave highly enough about Tru Pilates. I had been in agony for several months with lower back pain that was getting in the way of my normal life. My inability to bend over more than three inches was distressing. When Trusha suggested I try Pilates, I was reluctant. I have the tightest hamstrings in the world and a core weaker than egg shells. But I was desperate, so I decided to try it. Knowing it was my first time doing Pilates and that I was struggling with an injury, Trusha set aside extra time to orient me to theory behind Pilates and reassure me, that despite my physical limitations, I could do it. She walked me through an amazing routine, focusing on strengthening my lower back and core. My lower back pain went away, and I cannot thank Trusha enough. She has a wealth of knowledge and explains the benefit of each exercise and muscle group it is working. It is clear she really understands how the body works and knows how to tailor the equipment just for you. She has changed my perspective on Pilates. But the best thing about my sessions with Trusha? They are fun. Trusha makes the whole experience feel like you are just hanging out. The next day, though, you realize you just got an incredible workout, too.
-Kaveena S

She is an inspiration, a tough trainer, an educated Pilates guru, and a great listener all in one! She really zeros in on what I need for each session and delivers. Each time I walk away, I feel better, stronger, more stretched out, and at peace with my body. She has helped me gain my strength and flexibility back after knee surgery, and now that I’m 9 months pregnant, I can’t imagine going through my pregnancy without her. She is very educated on exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy, as well as those to avoid. And she’s been wonderful at educating me along the way. I feel blessed to have found Trusha! I’ve trained with several Pilates, PT specialists, and trainers in my day. She is the best at what she does. 

-Hadley H

I have been a client of Trusha’s since 2012, and the change it has made in my physical and mental well-being has been incredibly positive!  I would highly recommend getting into a regular Pilates practice with Trusha.  The physical changes might not happen over night but the results are real and noticeable even in the first few weeks.  The best endorsement comes from my now-husband who has said I look longer, leaner and sexier(!) since taking up Pilates!  And I looked great in my wedding dress-thanks Trusha!

-Maria T

I have been going to Trusha for almost 4 years now.  She is a terrific instructor who specializes in fitness pilates for the athletically inclined.  I had never done pilates prior to starting with Trusha and have been amazed at how much my body has benefited from her work.  She has helped me develop physical strength and has shaped my body in ways I could never do by exercising on my own.  She has also helped me cope with some work/stress-related aches and pains.  Not only do I value Trusha for her pilates expertise, she’s become a friend over the years.  I look forward to our weekly sessions because I know she’ll work me out hard and keep it fun in the meantime!

-Jill G

Tru Pilates is an excellent Pilates studio.  I have several sports injuries from playing ice hockey, tennis, and skiing and had back surgery in 2011 for a herniated disc and have a bulging cervical disc as well.  Trusha is an awesome instructor and knows how to tailor lessons to help improve my flexibility and core strength with regards to my bad back and neck.  You can tell she is experienced and well-versed because she has such a deep knowledge of Pilates exercises and knows how to modify them specific to individual needs.  She’s very personable and is great at inspiring and motivating you  - these exercises can be hard!  I’d highly recommend Tru Pilates to any person, whether you’ve been doing Pilates for a while or are giving it a try for the first time!

-Jason A


I love Tru Pilates! I’ve been practicing yoga for three years and was excited to try pilates. Trusha made sure my first pilates experience was comfortable and educational. She was incredibly informative throughout our session, thoroughly explaining each activity and its benefits. It was such an enjoyable experience and an amazing workout. I consider myself very active and physically fit, so I was surprised at how much I felt our workout in my core.   I have been feeling it for days and can’t wait to go back for more!

-Kristin C


I had my first Pilates lesson EVER at Tru Pilates, and I’m hooked. Pilates will now be a part of my lifestyle forever. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll love the experience at Tru Pilates from the layout to the owner (Trusha!) to the individualized attention. 

-Brenda L