Trusha Apolinario is the founder and owner of Tru Pilates. She teaches a meditative, mindful and challenging style of Pilates that emphasizes breath work, core strength and mind-body connection. Trusha also applies the time-honored benefits of yoga into her Pilates sessions, creating an innovative style that not only helps to tone and shape the body but also relaxes and calms the mind. Trusha works with a diverse group of students and addresses each person’s specific needs and issues through the fundamental and dynamic principles of Pilates. Her clients are men and women of all fitness levels including pre/post-natal, athletes, dancers and those dealing with chronic pain and injury.

Trusha has been teaching Pilates for the last 11 years and was certified through an extensive teacher training at Pilates of La Jolla in San Diego. Trusha’s clients love her in-depth knowledge, challenging style and encouraging attitude. She enjoys helping her clients meet both their short and long term fitness goals. Trusha enjoys working with clients who are focused on increasing the strength, functionality and endurance of their bodies. She is passionate about helping her clients create strong, centered, and powerful bodies that thrive within the busyness and complexity of modern life.



When not teaching Pilates, Trusha enjoys writing, meditation, travel and daily hikes on the beach with her cattle dog Frankie.