Tru Pilates


At Tru Pilates we believe the student-teacher relationship is an inspiring and important aspect of physical and personal transformation. No exercise in the world compares to Pilates done right; but it’s also quite easy to do wrong. Pilates is incredibly precise, and good feedback from an informed instructor is vital to transforming and shaping one’s body. At Tru Pilates we tailor each session to exactly what your body needs and wants. We believe that each session should bring you a step closer to your fitness goals.


Pilates is an innovative exercise system that will change how your body looks, feels, and performs. Pilates exercises define your muscles without adding any excess bulk, creating a longer, leaner body shape and a flattened abdomen. At Tru Pilates, we use Balanced Body® equipment – these dynamic machines not only build your strength and endurance but also help you see results more quickly than mat work. It’s a smarter and more effective way to exercise.


Modern life demands endurance from our bodies every single day. Pilates builds true strength that is functional and will translate seamlessly into your real life and everyday activities. Tru Pilates creates a focused, highly personalized environment where you’ll receive more than just another monotonous routine. You will learn exactly how to engage or “turn on” your core muscles. This type of knowledge not only creates a more robust workout within the studio, it also teaches your body how to move through everyday life with a strong center, better posture and a decreased chance of injury or chronic pain.

Tru Pilates
is located in the heart of Hayes Valley in San Francisco, CA. We share a beautiful Edwardian flat with a team of talented acupuncturists and massage therapists – creating a holistic healing environment where our clients revitalize their body, spirit and mind.